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finding inspiration in Morocco....

Find your inspiration in Morocco. Find that beautiful place of creation. Be inspired by the time worn crafts. See the majestic mountains and the stunning thousand year-old architecture of this magical kingdom. Travel with free spirited adventurers and understand what this beauty is and how it will feed your soul and energize you into creativity. You will be inspired to document these findings through photos, sketches, words, paint, colour, texture.. to realize your own unique voice. All I ask is that you come with an open heart and the willingness to be transformed.

Explore the natural beauty of the Sahara Desert. Hear its soundlessness and allow it to overtake you. Your senses will be heightened as you walk the dunes.You will learn to slowdown. Meditate on this great expanse and the incredible freedom it offers you. We will gather here to express these feelings through paint on cloth… make markings.. big beautiful marks and lay them on the dunes. You will feel this freeing subtle energy and let it overtake you when you hold a paint brush, a camera, a pen, a pencil..


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