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"My art conveys a process of problem solving. My paintings are a conversation between form, energy, texture and intuition. I have developed a personal pictorial dialect, a language of mark making and symbols that I use to convey my thoughts from a place centered in the moment of creation. I feel best when I speak in this language of strong graphic shapes and gestural marks."

Rhonda Nolan is an established contemporary, mixed media artist. Her style is mostly defined by bold abstract textural marks. She likes to create a narrative with shifts of energy in every series of paintings.

Rhonda’s raw, graphic, markmaking is influenced by expressive street arts, her love of texture and her enduring curiosity for creating in all dimensions. For many years, she co-ordinated an art program for Toronto’s inner city homeless people, to which she attributes her love of expressive art. Rhonda comes from a textural background of papermaking and bookarts. She has a design degree from Ryerson University.

In the last few years she has been exploring in 3 dimensions with large scale banners, and also exterior and interior site specific installations, as well as performance art. She has an intense desire and curiosity to create work on meaningful subjects to publicly share. She also enjoys collaborations with other artists from other genres. She's up for anything fun and artistic. We all need a laugh!

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