Mixed Media Collage Artwork for Sale

Mixed media art became popular in the early parts of the 20th century, especially with the advent of modernism. It was formed on the gradual decline of the distinctions between the traditional mediums that were used to create paintings. Mixed media art brings together various mediums with distinctive characteristics, such as drawing, paintings and even sculpture to create compositions through which the artist wishes to explore a certain theme or feeling.

Collage and assemblage are two popular forms of mixed media art, both of which have today become characteristic of the unique styles of the works created by Rhonda Nolan. Her mixed media collage art on paper offers something intriguing to the viewer, beguiling their visual senses as they navigate the bold, vibrant colors, lines and strokes that are exhibited in each piece.

Abstract Home Decor Paintings Online

Nothing can truly reflect and flaunt your fine taste and eye for beautiful art more than Rhonda Nolan’s exquisite body of work that includes abstract home decor paintings for sale. Here you will find authentic paintings on paper as well as sensational abstract works for your wall that will certainly make a statement. You can hang them in your home to lend it an elegant and classy vibe, or put them up in your office space to instantly upgrade its look.

Painting on paper is a sumptuous journey into this artist’s world. You are immediately taken into the textural sensations of paint and mixed media collage. The build-up of layers on every painting depicts the history within itself. Paper, the love of the artist will leave you entrapped and awe-inspired. Rhonda Nolan has some wonderful paper painting art pieces for sale. Enjoy viewing the gallery. You can browse through the other galleries to explore more works by the artist. Get in touch with her if you wish to purchase her work.

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