These are memories, so vivid to me. I feel their energy just like yesterday. I am trying very hard to catch them, hold and treasure them. keep them with me. safeguard them from the frailty of memory loss.

I fill out the details in my mind. The impulse of them, clutches at me hard. They tantalizes me by sending out their vibrations to entrap me. I am surrounded. I understand and see vividly their energy. These are now my necessities.

This painting is on unstretched canvas.

I love working on unstretched canvas... life seems so simple when this happens... the work can be simply hung with clips ..which I prefer... or framed for the more traditional collector.. the important thing is to get it on the wall.... Unstretched canvas is sustainable and practical for online shopping and seems to make more sense.. the bottom line is that original ART is for all to enjoy and experience and this is a practical way to do this....

This fulfills a basic need in me.


mixed media on unstretched canvas, 54" x 42"

comes with dowel hanger