Find Large Contemporary Paintings for Sale Online

If you are looking for something a little avant-garde, this body of large modern artwork is designed to give that impression. Check out a gorgeous selection of large contemporary wall art paintings and big abstract art paintings by Rhonda Nolan. Nolan has years of experience working with various mediums and textures to create works of art that offer a window into her abstract expressions. Choose from her current contemporary selection to find the perfect piece of contemporary canvas art for your home or office. Each piece exudes a distinct appeal, ensuring that no matter what you pick, you will be able to enjoy the true beauty of contemporary art that is untarnished by commercial elements.

Unstretched Canvas Paintings for Sale

If you are looking for an easy yet elegant way to dress up a bare wall in your living room or your office boardroom, a large contemporary art painting is just what you need. Rhonda Nolan’s impressive body of work offers a unique, authentic voice that is intensified in her use of colors, brush strokes, lines, forms, and mediums. Create a statement in the home with one of her conversation-starting large abstract paintings. The textural, mixed media exhibited in her contemporary paintings can also definitely add that finishing touch to complete the look of your corporate space, be it the reception or boardroom. Rhonda Nolan’s large contemporary canvas wall art will not only serve as a piece that reflects your distinctive taste and style but also leaves quite an intriguing first impression on all those who walk into your workspace.

Browse through the many galleries and pick a piece that truly mesmerizes you. Get in touch with the artist for more information about her style of work or to discuss any piece that you wish to purchase.

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